So why sunglasses with the polarized lens?
January 2016, I saw a problem and decided to solve it, coming from a region where inferior sunglasses are being fancied as the real deal, knowing fully well that our sense of seeing is an important function to our existence, protecting the eyes with original polarized lens that protects you 100% from UV lights/rays is a course worth taking seriously, the industry is so flooded it would take a while to be cleansed, a drop of water they say makes an ocean… don’t get bored but these are the reasons why abariTM bamboo sunglasses was established.

Why Bamboo frames?

Bamboo is one of the best sustainable resources on the planet!
While often treated as a wood bamboo is actually a grass and a super-fast growing one at that. Certain species (including the Moso Pandas)  have been recorded growing 3 feet in a single day. It also reaches maturity in only 3-5 years, and once the bamboo has been harvested the root system will continue to grow, producing new shoots and helping to prevent soil erosion. This incredible growth doesn’t require chemicals fertilizers either! Bamboo gets all the nutrition it needs from the decomposition of its own leaves

Our Product

Bamboo is advantageous since it has a positive, nurturing effect to the environment in general. The cultivation of bamboo helps in the balancing of the gaseous system in the environment. The harvesting and processing of bamboo for its use in the production of glass frames are also safe without causing environmental hazards.
Bamboo is a natural product whose waste decomposes and helps enrich the quality of the soil. When compared to plastics, bamboo is superior because it does not contribute to environmental degradation. The use of bamboo as a preferred material helps to save the world’s forests since the need will be emphasized in the harvest of bamboos rather than trees.
Once harvested, new bamboo shoots sprout from the roots that had remained on the ground. This allows for harvesting without causing any sort of damage to the environment.

About the Sunglasses
  • Eco-friendly bamboo frames handcrafted with 100% real bamboo, so every pair is slightly different.
  • POLARIZED LENSES – Provide crystal clear vision with UV400 protection and a scratch resistant coating. 53mm x 39mm lens.
  • Each pair of Bamboo gets a manual quality assessment before shipment.
  • All sunglasses comes with a bamboo case, a pouch and wipe.